LMT® Software Support

LMT® provides technical support for its software products from its headquarters in Berlin, including:
‒ Remote online troubleshooting
‒ Regular software updates
‒ Software upgrades
‒ Training
‒ Documentation, special information and application notes

Technical support for LMT software products is available for registered users. Download files are available per remote login using your login credentials. If you need to refresh your login access credentials please direct your request via email to indicating your software license No.

Maintenance, repair and calibration service

Although LMT products are build for a long life of operation, regular calibration is strongly recommended, either at LMT or on-site at the customer’s location.
At its headquarters in Berlin LMT® offers comprehensive calibration, repair and maintenance service. Our philosophy always favours sustainability thus keeping an LMT product in operation as long as customers benefit from its performance, independent of the year it was manufactured.
Please feel free and use our contact form in case you have a calibration, repair or maintenance inquiry.

Laboratory support, maintenance, repair, and calibration services

LMT® provides complete services over the lifetime of its products from its headquarters in Berlin and regional offices in China, South Korea, and India, including:

  • Laboratory layout design, system installation, calibration, proficiency testing
  • User training
  • Remote online and on-site troubleshooting
  • On-site preventative and corrective maintenance
  • On-site component and system calibration, always providing lowest downtime of equipment
  • Upgrade and system transfer of goniophotometric and integrating sphere laboratories

Please use our contact form for your service and support request.