High speed colour measurement and evaluation of tristimulus values X, Y, Z

The colorimeter system LMT® C3300 can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of an LMT® goniophotometric or integrating sphere laboratory.

  • High precision CHS 60 or CHS 30 system colorimeter head with integrated amplifiers and calibration circuit, suitable for use with cable lengths of up to 50m
  • Best-in-class spectral adjustment to CIE 1931 color matching functions by LMT Mosaic Filtering®
  • Simultaneous acquisition and integral determination of X, Y, Z tristimulus values eliminating measurement errors caused by fluctuations in test object characteristics over time
  • Resolution for illuminance as low as 0.001 lx
  • Three 4¾-digit displays for tristimulus values X, Y, Z
  • Computer coupling via IEEE-488 or RS232 interface


As part of a goniophotometric or integrating sphere laboratory, the C3300 control is of course included in LIMES 2000 or SoLiT Automotive.

Measurements with LMT® C3300 in stand-alone mode may be automated using LMT COLORSYS software for recording time dependent colour evolution. Reports include display of luminous intensity, chromaticity coordinates, colour saturation etc. over time.