Automotive lighting covers road illumination as well as signalling devices and light sources. Measurement parameters of interest are angular resolved luminous intensity, colour and retro-reflective properties which are usually collected with a goniophotometer. Alternatively, integral parameters like luminous flux and colour can be collected with integrating spheres.

In addition, some applications require locally resolved illuminance, luminance or reflectance within defined geometries. Special applications like flashing signals focus on time resolved photometry.

Goniophotometric Laboratories for Automotive Lighting

LMT® manufactures and supports full scale goniophotometric laboratories for testing of automotive lighting, especially in the area of ECE/FMVSS/GB conformity testing. Measurements are based on the CIE (A, α) coordinate system and are applicable to aircraft, marine, and related types of transport signalling applications as well. These laboratories are based on IES LM 75-01 Type A Goniometers including:

Laboratories for Vehicle-Lighting Assessment (VELAS®)

Goniophotometer laboratories for testing of front lighting systems on vehicle-level. Light distributions of component are presented in the CIE (A,α) system and subsequently used to predict on-road vehicle lighting performance, for instance according to C-NCAP, IIHS or HSPR.

Integrating Sphere Laboratories for Automotive Lighting

LMT® offers as well complete integrating shpere laboratories for measurement of integrated luminous flux or chromaticity in production, quality control or R&D of light sources to be used in transport lighting applications.

Components for Goniophotometric or
Integrating Sphere Laboratories

Photometer Units Automotive

High precision laboratory measurement of illuminance in combination with LMT GO-H series goniometers. In addition to illuminance the units are capable to display luminous intensity (hard-wired cd).


Very fine adopted tristimulus colorimeters for colour measurement of lighting devices, e.g. light sources, road illumination, signals, flashes and flares.

Tristimulus colorimeters integrate the CIE 1931 standard observer colour matching functions acc. to DIN 5033-6 and ISO-CIE 11664-3:2019. LMT Mosaic filtering® assures lowest measurement uncertainty of chromaticity.

Spectroradiometers for Automotive Lighting

Application tailored spectroradiometers are required for specific radiometric measurements in automotive lighting, for instance UV and red content

Luminance Meters

Luminance Meters (spot photometers) determine luminance of light emitting surfaces, light sources and all kind of displays. They are as well useful for glare measurement. A typical luminance application in automotive ligthing is for instance testing of license plates.

Retro Reflection

Retro reflection measurement systems for determination of reflex properties acc. to UN-ECE, SAE, DIN, CIE requirements.

Flash Measurement

Flashing lights are used in all kind of traffic situations for communication, navigation or as warning signals. They are regulated due to their importance and have to fulfill national or international standards. The LMT SF series covers the measurement of flashing lights in all relevant applications.

Additional Components for Automotive Lighting Laboratories

Reflection and Transmission

Reflectance and transmittance may be measured with integrating sphere equipment. Quality of visors or outer lenses in headlamps is tested with imaging methods.

Illuminance Meters

Illuminance meters (Luxmeters) and photometers for stand-alone measurements in laboratory and/or field applications in combination with a variety of different photometer heads.