High sensitivity long range Tele-Spectroradiometer

SM 9000-GO has been developped to provide accurate colorimetric data at long range, e.g. within far-field measurements of luminous intensity distributions.

The spectroradiometer contains a telescopic entrance optic which increases the sensitivity within the solid angle given by the maximum specified size of the DUT.


  • High measurement speed in conjunction with LMT® goniometers
  • Detection threshold for safe colorimetric data: 1 cd at a distance of 10 m
  • Seamless integration of spectroradiometric recording into goniophotometry software
  • Complete calibration kit with reference standards included

Applicable standards

  • CIE S 025
  • IES LM 79-19


  • SoLiT Spectroradiometry – colorimetric evaluation acc. CIE 1931 and 1964
  • Standalone mode or linked to LIMES 2000