High dynamic spectral analysis of light sources and retro-reflective materials

This measurement station uses a double monochromator for evaluation of special spectroradiometric evaluation tasks within the visible and UV wavelength range.

It can be used most flexible for a numbre of tasks at different locations within photometric laboratories.


  • Radiometric traceability within 250nm ≤ λ ≤ 780 nm is ensured via a calibrated Tungsten Halogen bulb
  • UV and red content evaluation of automotive light source spectra
  • Red content measurement of road illumination devices as part of LMT GO-H goniophotometric laboratories

Supported standards

  • kuv: UN-ECE R37, R99, AIS 034
  • kred: UN-ECE R19, R98, R99, R112, R113, R123, R149, AIS 034, SAE J2009, J2282, J2650
  • CIL: UN-ECE R27, R69, R70, R104, AIS 089, 090, DIN 6171, EN 12899, ISO20471, GB 25990, GB 23254, SAE J774


  • Integration of D65 light source and illumination unit realising 45° circumferential illumination
  • Determination of luminance factor (CIL) and daylight colour of fluorescence materials when illuminated with D65 in 45a:0° geometry