LMT Retro 1000

High-accuracy night-time measurement of reflex materials

The LMT Retro 1000 is designed for testing of retro-reflectors mounted on vehicles or on emergency warning devices.
3 photometer heads are positioned at dedicated observation angles (fixed at 12′, 20′, 90′) serving the most important automotive standards.

Sensor design

  • Si-photoelements with fine adaption to V(λ)
  • Optical desgin of the lens system efficiently supresses stray-light
  • Precision photocurrent amplifier for short circuit operation


  • Planckian radiator with color temperature equivalent to Standard Illuminant A (2856 K)
  • Uniformity according to ECE and DIN requirements ≤ 2 % within 200 mm Ø or
    FMVSS 108 ≤ 5 % within 225 mm Ø
  • Illuminance control circuit via SI-photocell feedback