This field of application covers all areas of indoor and outdoor public lighting installations. Measurement parameters are angular resolved luminous intensity, spectroradiometric properties like colour rending indices or colour homogeneity, which are collected with a goniophotometer.

Since introduction of pulse-width modulated LEDs temporal light artefacts like optical flicker are getting important. Integral properties like luminous flux or colour are usually measured with integrating spheres.

Goniophotometers for General Lighting

Goniophotometers for measurement of direct and indirect luminous intensity distribution of luminaires, dependent on the individual orientation. Coordinate systems are mostly CIE (C,γ), although some applications like flood lights require measurement in CIE (B, β).

Integrating Spheres

Measurement of integrated luminous flux or chromaticity in production, quality control, R&D or transfer of luminous flux for calibration purposes .

Photometer Units Lighting

High precision laboratory measurement of illuminance in combination with LMT GO-DS series, GO-V or METROGON® goniometers. In addition to illuminance, the units are capable to display luminous intensity (hard-wired cd).

Illuminance Meters

Illuminance meters (Luxmeters) and photometers for stand-alone measurements in laboratory and/or field applications in combination with a variety of different photometer heads.

Luminance Meters

Luminance Meters (spot photometers) determine luminance of light emitting surfaces, light sources and computer monitors, but may be as well useful for glare measurement.

Further field of use ranges from daily quality checks to in-depth R&D or transfer of luminance standards in calibration laboratories.


Very fine adopted tristimulus colorimeters for colour measurement of lighting devices, e.g. light sources, road illumination, signals, flashes and flares.

Tristimulus colorimeters integrate the CIE 1931 standard observer colour matching functions acc. to DIN 5033-6 and ISO-CIE 11664-3:2019. LMT Mosaic Filtering® assures lowest measurement uncertainty of chromaticity.

Spectroradiometers for General Lighting

Application tailored spectroradiometers are required for general lighting colour measurement and colour rendering.

Time resolved Measurement

Since introduction of pulse-width modulated LEDs temporal light artefcts (TLA) like optical flicker are getting important.