V(λ) corrected instruments for Illuminance and luminance measurements in field and laboratory measurements. LMT Mosaic Filtering® is always used in instruments of highest precision for most accurate measurements.

Illuminance Meters

Illuminance meters (Luxmeters), photometers and photometer heads for a variety of applications in field and laboratory measurements.

Luminance Meters

Luminance Meters (spot photometers) determine luminance of light emitting surfaces, light sources and all kind of displays. They are as well useful for glare measurement.

Field of use ranges from daily quality checks to in-depth R&D or transfer of luminance standards in calibration laboratories.

Photocurrent Meters

Photocurrent meter with highest accuracy for measurement of photocurrent generated by photoelectric detectors (photoelements, photomultipliers, etc.).

Photocurrent meters are extremely valuable in calibration laboratories for traceability of photometric units within the SI system.

Photometer heads

LMT® offers a variety of photometer or radiometer heads, each of them highly specialised for a dedicated measurement purpose. In combination with LMT illuminance and photocurrent meters they can be tailored perfectly to the intended field of use.

Different types of sensors are available with the aperture diameter ranging from 5 to 30 mm, either with or without cosine behaviour, for laboratory or outside use and of course, if applicable, manufactured based on LMT Mosaic Filtering®.

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