A hallmark of LMT Lichtmesstechnik GmbH is the manufacturing of advanced mosaic filtering. It is based on very fine adjustment of small glass particles to realize the spectral response of the human eye V(λ) in the most precise way.

In addition, LMT uses for its photometric sensors high quality Si photo elements with close to perfect linearity. The V(λ) curve is adopted with long-stability glass filters based on the famous in-house mosaic filter manufacturing.




The process starts with more than 200 different glass batch productions, of which each lot is characterized at LMT to manufacture a perfect human eye response with the lowest possible deviation from V(λ), characterized by an average error of  f1≤ 0.8%.

Blocks of glass are cut to panes, further refined into fractions and lastly fine-tuned into different mosaics which find their use in the photometer heads of LMT.

Photometer Heads

Unfiltered Silicon Photo Diode
Basic UV and IR Filters
Mosaic Filter Package

Photometric Characteristics

  • Best-in-class spectral simulation of the standard human eye V(λ) with f1≤ 0.8%
  • LMT’s photometer present lowest total measurement uncertainty ftot < 3% characterized as class L (laboratory use in excess of EN 13032-1 for perpendicular light incidence)
  • LMT® system photometer heads have a built-in amplifier and optional thermostatic stabilization providing autonomous calibration independent from the read-out unit
  • All heads are provided with a calibration certificate traceable to a National Metrology Institute (NMI)