METrologic RObotic GONiometer GO-R 3000

Multi axis metrological robotic goniophotometer and gonio-spectroradiometer (option) for measurement and evaluation of photometric quantities according to CIE 70.
Field of use in both general and automotive lighting.
METROGON® 30, 60, 90, 120 for max. nominal loads of 30, 60, 90, 120 kg*

Max. test object dimensions

  • C-γ coordinate system
    2 m (diagonal) x 0.5 m (height)
  • B-β coordinate system
    3 m (diagonal) x 0.5 m (height)
  • Larger object dimensions depending on version and available labspace

Applicable standards

  • EN 13032-1 and EN 13032-4
  • CIE 70, 121, S025

Special features

  • Determination of service conversion factor
  • Operational position correction with auxiliary photometer (option)
  • Combined photometry and temperature measurement (ambient and DUT) with auxiliary temperature sensor (option)

* Max. nominal test load in all positions when mounted with center of gravity ≤ 0.25 m from axis

Optional equipment