Luminance and luminous intensity standard

The LN3 is a most flexible tool in the frame of monitoring the calibration status of a lighting laboratory. It comes with up to three different calibration certificates, each standing for a different photometric unit.

  • luminance calibration for checking spot luminance meters, light measurement equipment in photography or for testing imaging luminance measurement devices (ILMDs)
  • luminous intensity calibration for testing illuminance meters
  • chromaticity calibration stating the correlated color temperature of the emitted light.


  • The average luminance L provided by the diffuse aperture surface (d = 70mm) amounts to approximately 1200 cd/m²
  • The luminous intensity of the complete aperture is about 4 cd.
  • The correlated colour temperature Tc of the light emitted approximates to Standard Illuminant A (2856 K)


  • Additional color filter(s) to be placed in front of the LN3 aperture with certified chromaticity coordinates for the combination of LN3 and color filter