Goniophotometric illuminance measurement with auxililary photometer correction

This photometer unit has been designed for high speed, computer controlled measurements of lighting devices as part of LMT METROGON® goniometer laboratories.

It offers a 3rd “auxiliary” photometer input to be used for synchronised correction of orientation dependence according to CIE S025.


  • Precision Class L SP 30 SOT photometer head(s) with integrated amplifier(s) and calibration circuit, suitable for use with cable lengths of up to 50m
  • SP 10 SCT auxiliary photometer head to be used in a fixed position close to the DUT, sychronously monitoring its light output while the intentsity distribution is being recorded
  • Quality index for Adoption to V(λ) by means of LMT Mosaic Filtering® typically f1≤ 0.8%
  • 4 12 digit LED display with a sensitivity of illuminance down to 0.0001 lx (0.1 mlx)
  • Up to 2+1 separate inputs, calibration in lx and cd