Measurement system for visual aspects of temporal lighting artefacts

The LMT® Flicker measurement system can be used on an optical bench or as part of LMT® goniophotometer or integrating sphere laboratory equipment.


  • Very fast photometric signal acquisition (0.5 MHz over-sampling) with a final bandwidth of 10 kHz
  • Firmware for online evaluation of
    • Flicker Index and
    • PercentFlicker
  • Optional software application “SoLiT Flicker” reporting
    • raw data of 10 fundamental modulation periods
    • Flicker Index (= deviation from average)
    • Percent Flicker (= modulation depth)
    •  FFT determination of modulation frequency (resolution 0.1Hz)
    • Contour plot of acceptability ratings acc. to Bullough et al (Lighting Res. Technol. 2012; 44:477–483)
  • Results acc. to technical note from CIE TC2-89