Extra-large object luminous flux measurement

The LMT UL 1650×2250 is a flux integrator resembling an ellipsoidal shape with a short axis of 1650 mm / long axis of 2250 mm for extra large lighting device flux measurement applications.
A variety of additional equipment is available to adjust it to advanced luminous flux measurements.


  • Uniform spectral response and throughput across the visible spectrum due to LMT® PHP coating formula
  • Precision SP 30 SCT photometer head with U 1000 readout unit
  • Quality index for adoption to V(λ) by means of LMT Mosaic Filtering® typically ≤ 0.8 %
  • Minimum spectral mismatch indices against both conventional and LED light sources
  • Absorption correction with auxiliary lamp


  • Exterior mounted bench for testing of light sources emitting into 2π solid angle
  • Flexible baffle system to adjust 2π-port for various shapes
  • Spectroradiometric assessment with LMT SM 8000 UL
  • Colorimetric evaluation with LMT C1210 or C3300