Goniophotometers are required to measure angular resolved distributions of photometric or colorimetric quantities, either by rotating the lighting device under test or by moving the sensor around the device. Depending on the application, different geometries are used to obtain distributions in the appropriate CIE coordinate system.

Goniophotometer Laboratories for Automotive Lighting

Goniophotometer laboratories for measurement of luminous intensity distribution of automotive illumination and signalling devices, aircraft or marine lighting as well as related types in transport signals based on the CIE (A, α) system.

Laboratories for Vehicle-Lighting Assessment (VELAS®)

Goniophotometer laboratories for testing of front lighting systems on vehicle-level. Light distributions of component are presented in the CIE (A,α) system and subsequently used to predict on-road vehicle lighting performance, for instance according to C-NCAP, IIHS or HSPR.

Goniophotometer Laboratories for General Lighting

Goniophotometer laboratories for measurement of direct and indirect luminous intensity distribution of luminaires, dependent on the individual orientation.

Coordinate systems are mostly CIE (C,γ), although some applications like flood lights require measurement in CIE (B, β).

Goniophotometer Laboratories for Calibration and Testing

Goniophotometer laboratories for integration of luminous flux via angular resolved measurement of illuminance using CIE (C,γ) coordinate system.