Calibration materials are usually serving a single photometry unit like luminous flux luminous intensity, illuminance or luminance, however, some LMT® products carry as well multiple units. If the emission of a light source standard is spectrally resolved, it serves as well as a radiometric standard.

In addition to light source standards, reflection and transmission standards are available. Last but not least, for sensor-based calibration methods, LMT® photometers may be used to transfer illuminance and, given the distance, luminous intensity.

Luminous flux standards

These standards are intended to be used with an integrating sphere, but may be used as well for testing the calibration of a GO-DSgoniophotometric laboratory.

Illuminance standards

Illuminance calibration may be done “source based” by using a calibrated light source or “reference based” by using a calibrated photometer. LMT offers solutions for both methods.

Luminance standards

Luminance standards can be used to verify the calibration of luminance spot meters as well as imaging luminance measurement devices (ILMDs).

Reflection standards

The standards listed below are intented to check the performance of measurement applications with regard to material reflection properties.