LMT® measurement systems are widely used in National Metrological Institutes (NMIs) and calibration laboratories. This field of use partially requires high-end measurement systems which go beyond the requirement of testing laboratories.

Goniophotometers for calibration purpose

Goniophotometer for integration of luminous flux via angular resolved measurement of illuminance using CIE (C,γ) coordinate system.

Integrating Spheres

Measurement of luminous flux or chromaticity coordinates for calibration purposes.

Photocurrent Meters

Photocurrent meter with highest accuracy for measurement of photocurrent generated by photoelectric detectors (photoelements, photomultipliers, etc.).

Photocurrent meters are extremely valuable in calibration laboratories for traceability of photometric units within the SI system.

Spectroradiometers for Automotive Lighting

Application tailored spectroradiometers are required for specific radiometric measurements in automotive lighting, for instance UV and red content

Luminance Meters

Luminance Meters (spot photometers) determine luminance of light emitting surfaces and are very useful to transfer luminance between calibration standards.