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System-Photometers S 1000
The digital system photometer S 1000 is an universal precision instrument for the measurement of illuminance E with a 4-digit display and a standard measuring range from 10-4 lx (last digit) to 5 × 105 lx in combination with a system photometer head type SP 30 S0T, 30 mm diameter, V(λ)-corrected Si-photoelement (version B). The sensitivity can be increased to 10-5 lx (last digit) in version C.
As an option, the calibration setting can be switched from lux to footcandle, candela, lumen, or ampere.

The system photometer consists of a system photometer head with built-in photocurrent amplifier and a measuring console within a 19-inch housing which is line-powered. For both the system photometer head and the measuring console, several options are available.
The S 1000 is a high-precision measuring equipment for laboratory applications and, as well, to use in automated measuring systems with computer-control, such as goniophotometers. It meets all requirements for class L-illuminance meters according to DIN 5032 part 7.
  • 4-digit display (0-7999), BCD output, analog output
  • ranging auto/manual or remote programmable
  • approx. 5 readings/s, integration time approx. 20 ms
  • 4-digit attenuator, disconnectible, power supply for 230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • system-photometer head SP 30 S0T, 30 mm dia. light sensitive surface
  • very fine V(λ)-approximation, without cos-correction
  • thermostatic stabilization, built-in amplifier
  • in 19-inch 3 HU case for bench or rack mounting
  • 5 m connection cable (standard), power cable with Euro plug
  • calibration, traceable to PTB standard, with LMT calibration certificate
  • individual test report for V(λ)-approximation
  • class L acc. to DIN 5032 part 7

LMT S 1000 B: 1 × 10-4 lx (last digit) to 5 × 105 lx
LMT S 1000 C: 1 × 10-5 lx (last digit) to 5 × 105 lx

  • second calibration, e.g. in cd for a given measuring distance
  • second to fourth calibration, e.g. in cd for given measuring distances
  • input for second photometer head and calibration switch for up to 2 settings for each input, e.g. measuring distance I in lx and cd for a given measuring distance measuring distance II in lx and cd for a given measuring distance
  • second system-photometer head SP 30 S0T B
  • second system-photometer head SP 30 S0T C
  • other system-photometer heads
  • approx. 250 readings/s, integration time approx. 4 ms
  • other readings/s
  • power supply for 115 V, 50-60 Hz
  • IEEE-488 Bus Interface, Listener and Talker, instead of BCD output
  • additional connection cable 5 m for system-photometer head
  • connection cable for system-photometer head exceeding standard length of 5 m (up to 100 m)
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