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Photometer heads LMT AP for Outdoor Installation
  • Photometer head with Si-photoelements
  • 30 mm dia. light sensitive surface
  • V(λ)-approximation, cos-correction, thermostatic stabilization
  • special splash-proofed housing (degree of protection IP 65) with polished glass dome
  • 3 m connection cable with plug
  • calibration, traceable to PTB standard, with LMT calibration certificate
  • individual test report for V(λ)-approximation and cos-correction

LMT AP 30 FCT: V(λ)-approximation fine, f1 ≤ 2.5 %, sensitivity 5-10 nA/lx
LMT AP 30 SCT: V(λ)-approximation very fine, f1 ≤ 1.0 %, sensitivity 15-28 nA/lx

  • power supply for thermostatic stabilization (not necessary when using LMT photocurrent meter)
  • 4-pin fixed socket
  • 4-pin plug
  • 4-pin connector plug
  • special extender cable 5 m
  • special extender cable 10 m
  • special extender cable 20 m
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